• Anesthetic

    yes, topical numbing is applied for 30 mins prior to treatment 

    A cool air an be use immediately post treatment to increase comfort.

  • Recovery Time

    Immediately following a micro laser peel, you will experience some redness and sunburn like sensation.

    1-3 days of redness

    5-7 days of dryness and flakey skin 

  • Sessions

    3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart

Micro Laser Peels

During a fotona micro laser peel, the laser gently removes 10-20 microns from the epidermis to promote regeneration of the skin in which results in a smoother more youthful look and radiant skin. The thermal properties of the laser penetrate deeper into the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen. Micro laser peels improve the tone and texture of the skin, but it does involve some down time. A Fotona micro-laser peel removes dead skin, reduces surface imperfections, minimizes wrinkles fine lines and enlarged pores, reduces pigmentation, polishes the skin to improve texture and tone for a smoother finish. Micro laser peels also stimulate collagen production

$150.00 + HST
Series of 3 for $300.00 + HST

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Treatment Information

Pre Treatment

  • avoid active ingredients such as retinols, vit. C, AHA products 7 days prior to treatment 

  • arrive with a clean face, no makeup, creams or serums on face

  • If prone to cold sores, please contact clinic ahead of time as antiviral medication may be required.

Post Treatment

  • Apply occlusive barrier as recommended by provider

  • Avoid active ingredients such as retinoids, Vit C, AHA products for 7 days post treatment

  •  You must avoid direct sun for 7 days and apply sunscreen at all times after treatment once the area is fully healed

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