• Anesthetic

    No anesthetic is required

  • Recovery Time

    Immediately after the treatment, the lips will appear swollen as the laser will cause some swelling. There will be a light superficial peeling on the 2nd and 3rd day.After the treatment, patients will be able to resume their daily activity immediately as there is no downtime

  • Sessions

    We recommend 6 sessions.
    The first 3 sessions are spaced 2 weeks apart, and the other 3 are spaced one month apart


Fotona liplase is a non invasive procedure that gives the patient more plump, velvety lips with a laser as an alternative to injectables. The treatment gives you results that are more natural and softer as the collagen in your lips is encouraged and revived.

Rather than injecting a solution into the skin (like dermal fillers) the laser is utilized to encourage and boost the natural collagen production of the body.Anyone who wishes for hydrated, fuller and lighter lips. Patients with dull, dark or smokers lips will also benefit from Liplase. Patient who experience coldsores, will be pre treated with an anti-viral.

1 Treatment - $150.00 + HST
3 Treatments - $400.00 + HST
6 Treatments - $750.00 + HST

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Treatment Information

Pre Treatment

Antivirals may need to be prescribed for those prone to cold sores. Please contact the clinic prior to treatment if you have had cold sores in the past. 

Post Treatment

  • We advise clients to use SPF 50 lip balm or skin moisturizer and no lipstick should be worn for 24 hours.


  • No spicy foods or hot liquids for 3 days.    

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